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Sep 8, 2016|

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Right now we have John prized sports information traders dot com you can reach an 8664412711. And gets amount. Really good picks for the NFL and college weekend John understand had a great weekend last weekend. We did and that's very important but what's more important is that people are able to build off of that great weekend and for the people who did call in from Greeneville inside a well that's last week. They're living proof of what. Was are last week and they're sitting here right now in the car in their op it's at home. With hundreds or thousands of dollars in their pocket because they got started without and I would sell everyone listening right now it's very important. With the NFL here in a big game tonight and several games this week and picture portfolio going. So many viewer in the stock market and have real estate investment. It's safer than the stock market why because your money and border bowl every single day. We play when we have the good information we don't play when we don't 8664412711. Sports information traders dot com get started today get on tonight's game. Fog and John price here who you've probably read about not a lot of publications. With his brow center. Taking James and you tend take advantage of that and 8664412711. John tonight NFL gets underway with the Panthers in the broncos'. Super Bowl rematch even though the Panthers don't wanna call it that it's sand amber tonight. What can you tell us about this match up. Well I don't have an overwhelming opinion but I will tell you this it feels like a party celebrating the Super Bowl. Defending champions. And Peyton Manning and even air east. Doing bathrobes commercials well these are so really the spotlight squarely on Emma met Carolina offense. There was so much made about how we handle losing the Super Bowl last year spoken to people. Say he's alert and matured from an expected to be even better I think he's gonna have a great night tonight. I think they won't have any issue moving the ball on the field on the other side Trevor Shimmy and takes over quarterback. And the Broncos simply wanted to avoid making mistakes this is not eight many junior yet. It's about managing the game. Controlling the clock trying to keep it close I like the Panthers started and although won't take the points I think they win this game outright. Again I'm not wagering on this game but tonight. Take the Panthers. Blustery over the Broncos and I'll tell you this is where it begins 866441. 2711 you know what I'm gonna do just for today. For today I'm gonna offer 50% off on our sees it. I wasn't thinking of this two minutes ago but I am now anyone who calls and at 8664412711. Or goes to sports information traders dot com. We're gonna give you 60% up on the entire season that's all of college all the bowl games all the NFL. The NFL playoffs up to the Super Bowl which is your one opportunity. To get 60%. 8664. Or 12711. Or go to sports information craters dot com. Well John price now offering a deal up early and we appreciate that John you get volume give us a picker Choo every week when we talk to you about what's the difference between what we hear only air and what you get when you off call him as a client. Well I'm glad you asked that because what are they break down these games on the air I'm doing it for the regions like on fifteen different radio market so. People out west what I know about that inspires people down south what I know about the cowboys people. In South Carolina won it all about Clemson and South Carolina and so. What I try to do is unless they're plays that I am on. And that my clients are all these are valuations. Based on people but I spoken to information that we've learned. Again good breakdown on the radio here or not games that or my client or clang. Their evaluation and games tonight no interest in. To the listeners in your area to people who wanna get on my gains are powered games 866 score 41. 2711. Sports information traders dot com go bear now get on tonight's game be ready for tomorrow and a very exciting began. Great stuff sports information traders Docomo tells all about what you guys do on layers of you wanna get that information but better yet just call phone number 866441. To. 2711. John price sees. Nationally renowned internationally renowned optic euros off of college and professional football also give McCall John we appreciate it man. Kate good. Good to talk to is always. Thank you very much we'll talk to you next week this segment here in the huddle brought you by these sports for Kids Foundation we appreciate John. Check in M weather is today.

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