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If you follow point spreads in handicapping the biggest contest in the country is the Las Vegas super contest that's what the college. I get about 2000 entries on this and the winner gets a cool 900000. Dollars buyout. It's held by the Westgate hotel and resort in Las Vegas. And we have a weekly guest on Thursday's were late then now my usual now we moved back a few minutes because of scheduling and John price with sports information traders dot com. He's in that contest and went five and oh against the spread. In the NFL last week. First place after week one John couldn't do any better than that with a. Oh you can't send everyone would like to see that ticket we have it up on our web site sports information traders dot com that's. Just another element of what we do. And we're excited about it we've got a lot of notoriety for it. But more importantly I want everybody out there and South Carolina to be a winner of tonight's game. And all the other games that were playing over the course they expired months given equality trickster export 412711. Go to sports information craters dot com and she wide Forbes magazine featured us and why we're labeled as the best the business. Right that's 8664412711. Or sports information traders dot com. This week John talking more college football game Cox and east Carolina gamecocks back at home after the lost with the Mississippi State last week. And the Cox story three point favorite what's your take on this game. Right now that winds right around three perhaps structure alone in my history to have I think. Gonna be a hard game for them to win with the pirates team that just beat NC state in order for South Carolina have a chance they need to establish a running game early. Take care of the ball as they've already had three fumbles in their first two games. Medical way to north of boats started the year very slowly and one of the reasons is because they're not running the ball very well also that's very important. The good news is that east Carolina as weakness on defense has been in stopping the run they've given up over 200 yards last week. To the wolf pack sort my opinion this game will be close all the way down to the end ultimately sided by a field goal which South Carolina giving a waste three and a half. I'm inclined just an opinion taking east Carolina pledged to reinvent past. Over South Carolina but look for a thrilling end in Columbia with a field goal winning it. All right in south Carolina's big kicker too but she's seeing going guy east Carolina's way there. Folks wanna get the picks that you have for the server contest where you have five or no last week. Willing to do job. Well you wanna call 8664412711. Again you go to our web site and cheap ticket yourself. You can look at all the Las Vegas web sites and see that we are first place in the world right now. I'm gonna do something else for everyone who calls an 8664412711. Or go to sports information traders dot com. Tonight we have a very big play I get a bigger cheer for free when you all went 8664412711. To go to sports information traders dot com you'll speak to one of my analysts get on tonight's game three period no strings. After you win and I don't know little bit more about our program you'll see why we're five and oh. In the big super contest you'll understand why we're labeled as the best in the business 8664412711. Or today only tonight's picked. Freak everyone who calls in. Or goes to the web site sports information traders dot com and this weekend you'll be playing my games which we've submitted to the super contest. John price appreciate delay at a value their Johns thanks for odd check in and what this will talk to initially meant. You gotta thank John price foursome permission traders dot com the preceding interview sponsored by the sports for Kids Foundation.

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