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It was a big enough with JJ watt and that great Houston Texans defense covers down the Jimmy Graf will. Dream goal for the third quarterback is even a bigger challenge on the plate of Bill Belichick and his coaching staff but if anyone can do it. It's those guys they seem to keep on rolling no matter who puts on the uniform the helmet I expect a great game plan from Bill Belichick. In a great game between these two to an OT. All right Tony you can count on it being another fired up patriots home crowd as the pats take on the Texans coming up on Thursday night football. Get ready for the game with more details include new and Westwood one's sports dot com. And remembered to listen polio and throw away and you're all season. Did you know that ring central's the business phone system behind some of the fastest growing companies wiring central because it's a bond system and the cloud that easily grows with your company all phone systems are a mess of wires and cables. Adding an employee or office means figuring out that mess which takes time many fast moving business doesn't have ranks central graduate knew better away easily add employees and offices make any device act like a corporate phone even your own cell phone visit brings central dot com to see how. Coach hungry young football player fans here for G ensued these next couple weeks are all about Simpson dips but they're not attacking approach. Coalition won a great tasting snack for kids to act like a linebacker and given your GMC for the pro team barn buy three get one free sale. Your favorite brands like qwest hard hitting exclusive flavors like totally Vanilla birthday today. Plus gluten free indeed announce and so everyone who those people can get in on next protein bars buy three get one free. Only GMC I had. Oh and yes you. Premiums wanted to leave port four GS PVS yeah. 47. And in greens out. You're listening to the hot. Greg McKinney. Welcome back 332 in the huddle on ESPN of stating it's Thursday and that means we have our sports wagering expert John price from sports information traders dot com on as we mentioned last week he was five and oh in the Las Vegas super contest against the spread. In the NFL in a way to three ensues so let's 80%. On the season Jon is featured in Forbes Yahoo! finance and Huffington Post. And you get a ball by calling 866441271. No one. John congratulations to start for this year. Thank you so we really appreciate that it we're proud of our accomplishment in the super contest being eaten too incurred in the world. And obviously what we really wanted to do here is make sure that everyone in Greenville, South Carolina understand that there is a true method to this. And I'm gonna present an opportunity for everyone listening right now we get a lot of emails. Listen I don't know I wanted to do all five bonds got a lot of long term commitment I always stress long term investment that's created opportunities for the first time. Person and we'll talk about that in a couple seconds here. Very got all right let's sum let's get your thoughts on this big game this weekend involving South Carolina. And Kentucky they're playing in Lexington and down for whatever reason Nam South Carolina is getting two and a half points what do you think about that. Well Craig Ellie is two and a half and the total of 67 it's really hard in the forecast because well both of these teams have rosters that are loaded with talent. They both have really struggled to maintain a level can just get this season. I don't really see a close game here I think one of these two teams. Won't win this game decidedly Ed for South Carolina fan I hope that stranded medical Leino out tools Stephen Johnson can't catch quarterback. You know Kentucky's game plans to score and score and score big game Cox what a slower moving low scoring affair. I mean avoid the line I like extravagant the end. One of these teams is gonna win convincingly and I think we'll see a lot of points. But 57. In my opinion is to wait too many points it's too I have a number I'm gonna take the under 57 points in the South Carolina Kentucky get. Aren't very good jump prized sports information traders dot com so I John give us the information on the new program. We are starting at right now a ninety day program for everyone in America and around the world for that matter. If you look at your calendars weird nine days away from Christmas give or take. Today. And we have created an opportunity for those of you who were interested in many video call and acquired. And like I said our little fearful of a long term commitment type of investment most people don't think long term you don't go on the stock market for a month. You know buyer property for a month scope we realize that we have the ability to show people what we're doing almost like it's at strive. So we've created in 98 program that starts today 8664. Port 12711. Will work with you straight from now. Through Christmas and show you how to make five times your money in addition our first play a bit by the gate program. He's free. So when you call in at 8664412711. Will talk to about the program. Maybe not necessarily commit your total showed the plate tonight. And we'll get an opportunity to make some money little bit of money and get some direction. You can beauty of 39 days starting tomorrow this is a true opportunity which starts with a freak played tonight. Everyone who calls and everyone who emails and checks and it sports information traders dot com we'll get our played tonight free. And start the ninety day program when they speak one on our analyst tomorrow this is a great opportunity. There's a reason why Aaron Forbes magazine. Mr. Beason Mirant twenty stations around America. And there's a reason why we're number three overall. In the super contest in Las Vegas thank you for a worsening South Carolina and now what should be quiet. So you can make money lawyer watching football. 8664412711. You can sign up for John price is ninety day investment program again he's an 80% of his NFL selections. And the biggest contests. In the country all that's documented and get the information a sports information traders dot com. That's the website the phone number again 8664412711. John price thank you John. And again I wanna remind people tonight exploited streaks you're not paying any thing big and it's up to one of my analyst. Get on tonight's game and then tomorrow we can talk about starting a ninety day program. It's tough job we'll talk to you next week thanks bud. Eric thank you John price sports information traders dot com our I'm by another showed do your summer be slipping out after this next. Commercial break guys get ahead on down to our. Carolyn I know how some Woodruff road that's where we will be doing the I'm Ingles college football today show ahead of the Clemson broadcast from the Clemson network. So world over the air from 430 to 630. With college football today 630 pregame show kick off for Clemson Georgia Tech. At 730. Tonight and the extra point with price and stir urge. Coming up after the game but I wanna get some my predictions of you guys. Before I leave on the record because I'll come back tomorrow on you know you'll site. I GMAC at you left here's what I said. So let's not do that Powell really wanna go check the tape and all that stuff that's already just do it. After you believe on May run away from tablet touring foresight and shot clock developed yet I'm gonna segment area stay tuned for that time. So low post to start. Clemson Georgia Tech score for tonight. Jumpin who's going plaza aren't. He does they came looking emulate plans though I thinks I'm I'm love Clemson. 34. Georgia Tech 32. Out loud. The real close for comfort. I'm real a lot of nerve wracking wildlife there it's the last game all their games have been fairly close. Follow Clemson games. A fairly close although I've picked Clemson unbound right through on the picking up set up promising 3834. George text as it's coming down for today show to say and that. And it can check was the toll free number to go to get your picture like that's gonna put a professor at Florida find that business loan Rihanna don't bring every day and it's great he's got a good news is I'm rooting for canned by the way I was wondering. George Stacy and now score Clemson 38 to 34 so we're glad Justin Thomas probably have to throw a couple custom masters yeah. Yeah but I don't run that much to get thirty Abrams on anyway and it's sad it's that. Type of offense and if it's executed well and our kids fabulous man he really is. And mayor did like I said they don't have those tears Studds died in Lawson on the outside then they've replaced when athletes. But they've never really can listen they hand. They dared to working on a short week. They also had already played Wofford last year before they play Georgia Tech so they got a little and they got a real good taste out of SharePoint hey you don't sand and so they don't have nearly as what they got a much younger defense he's performed pretty well but they haven't seen this kind of thing. And Thomas is a year older and better and he's returned. To the form he had in fourteen where he put up pretty nice number really nice numbers. And I just stainless endures thanks Dave says it naming special event it will have to you know they'll have to control the clock there's a course like debt. So it even know Thomas Muster has some pros they want to run the ball in GMAC I don't listen is not gonna look like an early I don't think I don't think George days and a jump out he gave no land men are trying to think Clinton looked good early. But this can't you like Alonso set I think is at a break. Can you stay disciplined and listen you mind telling you the stayed disciplined. But that doesn't mean all loving gals all plays and it just takes one Toms is on the edge or somebody you know and plus he's a much more accurate quarterback now. He can throw he can run it any can throw on the run so listen how lob Bob he's one of my best friends of all time. But I just think I really believe he's woo L facing a do not think this is going to be running. And I'll be the very first one to come in here tomorrow I'm not this soon and Wear orange but. You know if they get it they get boat raced new malware I'll have some orange golf ball well you're worried when you're so worried about this clemson's defense of fry you remember that they have Christa Milken's he's pretty good you remember that day as this near true freshman Dexter Lawrence OK 65 series and he's also done a lot of guys are also another they still have Carlos Watkins yes thank you know all those guys are very good football players but have they ever played own logs on the river that's what they're playing this week you're AK and they won't go logs on the river you think I'm cannot say that all the time. That's why isn't Wilkins were here last year you have those other two guys working on Dexter and Lawrence was not that's right these there's two and two or three million barrels Cleveland Ferrell grind the enemy on the and one defensive end starting to sell you listen your DV got to tackle to now everybody got to tackle this week numbing and enjoy every week but even more so this week ninth dumb I'm gonna go Clemson wins it by 1741. To twenty times and some winds of 3120. I've worn down here let's get to a billion sailors before I get out of here you go as a mere performed really well command. Hey look on Greg welcome Monday call at all a solid also even I'm not change and cannot think on Google is pretty straight up. I'm gonna give George take 38 maybe 3138. To glove quote complete or I guess I don't like the fact that they are doing up a bunch of rushing yards with the united obviously to go Allman and then the adults are either nor yet during a volcano. I just don't think it's a good mix they've got all our young guy Obama campaign that I am I gonna play not counted on defense but I just don't think. Bet they screen this and a lot of that you have a problem when you complain at all that the big you did you do not boot on or not the you can't be good. The playmaker probably that's gonna kill him and the. All the talk about Watson units and another thing in the credits or the blame my guess which way you look at it or Dalton deal are Dick. I'm not following good but the problem what they Greg you are afraid to return the analog to my purple ball all year. Saying you know often considered to be hot powered economic stronghold and they get number on the train and a bigot or Guthrie EI. I think they're going to eliminate their gain nothing to lose and an I Wall Street. Prediction I want to make it sucked on this are exactly why don't we don't. And it took like you know because Scott Donald greater he'd be good right now but I just going to take you deep into its course and I think. Not only probably have a pretty good day I think they're probably toward thirty Bob many thirty prop 31 economical way to go flat on an employee there. Well there. And you can't ignore list histories but. The thing Americans like you there defense so I mean they have medium and appeared to everybody you know and I and did it. The united such talk about a settlement great but I mean he'll look pretty good and upper corner of happily given. They'll open up up and go find a way to win. And he and then another player back quickly before I hope there's you know Internet is another historical thing Greg you can go to useless things. Everything that actually he looked like this one and favor door to take. Looking ahead go to Louisville on cure and no one clue they don't play well it against George take period no matter where they play on that. And then they don't ever play well down here anymore and we'll be. I do I think it's going to be exclusively your score. Late into operation ready. Really appreciate it and you'll more call before us slip out of here Allan thanks rang in on Alan your next enough. There are going to Macau special jumped to write this week away. You know. I would hope tonight that Georgia Tech. Does the light Louisville deplored the states. How would I would hope it's. What spoke that's what happens it's an app I heard bark allowed to Bob the bay would no doubt a while ago it brought negate Republican gang scope we wouldn't movements. You know who you think that happened. Let whipped. I just don't think that's not be clipped some guy I'll let this year I just don't think Georgia Tech has that much this year. And and you gotta be a Smart football player to grow and add options you don't see Justine universe we do it it's issued late small universities. Don't detect one level. I remember running neck and junior high school that wishbone and option right now optional and it's you know you gotta have you gotta have you where it's much. It's to do that kind of thing and pull it off right but. At least you know they wanted tonight that I don't know I just don't think George.

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