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Sep 29, 2016|

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Let's talk a little lump sports immigration traders dot com hammering and jump prize John pricing is our guest this time every week. At 330 on Thursday to talk about wagering and may be some review big considering bass well he's an expert at a you can column ads 8664412711. His pro football picks this season are documented at 73%. In the Las Vegas west gate super contest. And he's featured in Yahoo! finance the Huffington Post. And Forbes John had another big weekend last weekend and not another go we're coming up this weekend don't you. It's true and I appreciate you mentioning that you know it's interesting that people think old John price goes which teams are better every week. That's not the case the NFL really is a week to week league in terms of the spread fact. Last Sunday at the top five most wagered teams in the country all lost you know why because they get Smart. But I'm smarter earlier in the week I know which way the lions moved. I totally identify where Vegas is lowering the public and I deliberately attacked the other side it means money for you 73% on the seat and for many. And winning car ends all across the country. John Saturday's game Cox's South Carolina taken on Texas say NM and they're huge underdogs. I'm eighteen to eighteen and half points of the alliance that I've seen what do you think about that spread and again. Well Terry you know you can argue that there is an honor team in the country right now the Reverend Wright that bad and the good news or South Carolina. It's their defense has been their strength and if they come out. And hold the Aggies scoreless for the first couple drives I think they can build up of that brother home crowd really the biggest problem though. For the gamecocks is there a man up until last week. Going into Kentucky Seymour defense is their weakness South Carolina what sports thirteen on third down they punted seven times. And it sluggish lost all in all. And Emmett Till much better team right now in South Carolina but. You know. Getting eighteen point to a hole. Home team in the SEC never makes me very comparable trial will not wager on this game. Prominent valuation standpoint I do think the Aggies win this game and early. And I can't count on the gamecocks offense to match point what them. So I'm gonna take Texas CNN minus eighteen over South Carolina I wanna tell your listeners we have an opportunity this week. That you were going to love. People in Greeneville the greater South Carolina area. Across the state are learning about the power of our investment program it is the best investment that they've ever made. Still many of you out there are emailing me and asking questions how can I get the ball. And really try this out guess what. We're gonna give you an opportunity to jump onboard our investment program purchased a small deposit today 866. Or 412711. Go to sports information traders dot com. One of my analyst you can make a small deposit. Well the rest of the scene ten. And let us prove TUR system let us show you how it works make money along the way before you pay again. A small deposit today gives you win the best investment you'll ever make sports information traders and sports information traders got. Art art again folks say 664412711. You heard that from John this week only put a deposit down on the season program the making money before you paid a balanced. A great deal this week from sports information traders dot com 8664412711. John thanks mammal touching actually. And tomorrow at 6 o'clock on this Barry station I will break down Louisville and web Shin Bet heavyweight battle and everyone wants to hear about. Will do that tomorrow small deposit schedule and our program today. Thank you John Jumper by sports information traders dot com.

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